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Pre-ordered iPhone 7 with outdated billing address?


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Sep 9, 2014
So. Er...
I pre-ordered iPhone using the Apple Store app and submitted payment through Apple Pay. Thing is, only after receiving the confirmation email did I realise that my Apple Pay billing address is outdated as I had changed it recently. Will it cause any problems when Apple charges me before dispatch?

I'm hoping not, since I've used Apple Pay in-store with no issues even with the outdated billing address. Worst comes to worst, they'll give me a notification email to updated my details, and delivery gets pushed back a day, which isn't a big deal.

Just wondering if anyone else had been in the same situation before, and what the outcome was?

Edit: Tested a dummy order with the updated billing address, during the payment confirmation stage it failed and said my billing address was incorrect. Looks like Apple Pay only accepts my previous billing address. So hopefully that means there's nothing wrong with my original pre-order. Coolio.
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