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Dec 25, 2011
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Do you want pockets? How about more pockets than that? Pockets for your pockets? 10+ pockets? Great, because that's what the Ogio Renegade RSS offers you. With a ridiculous amount of pockets on top of a laptop compartment and a main storage compartment, you can carry so much stuff on your back. Before I dive into what the Ogio Renegade RSS offers, let me start with what I can, and do, carry in mine; mind you this will have to be a simplified list. I carry my 15" Lenovo Yoga, 13" MacBook Pro, an mp3 player with earphones, wallet, iPad Air 2, Nintendo 3DS XL with travel case, Kindle Voyage, Jamstik+, external hard drive, battery backup, Moto G5 Plus, all associated chargers and cables, additional phone cases among other things and I could still add more stuff to the bag. I can't rightly recall how long I've had this bag, 2-4 years I know for sure. In that time carrying most of the weight of the products I listed all the time, this past weekend was the first time any part of the bag failed on me. That's to say the lower strap tie for one of the straps fell out. It didn't break, it just loosened up over the years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the bag except a soft tie down, which I will be remedying.


So about those pockets….to start with you have a pouch on the left strap for a small phone, unless Ogio has made it larger since I acquired mine, and when I say small phone I mean an iPhone 5 is the largest phone that will fit in it. I used to have my old iPhone 5 in it when I travelled. On each side of the bag you have four pockets, these are great for small things like battery backups, and the lower pockets have straps for water bottles. I don't carry a water bottle around like that so I use it for other storage. I use the smaller top pockets for things like spare Apple Watch bands and earphones, I also carry my travel car charger in one of them. The pouch that rests against your back is the laptop compartment, which is lined with a soft padding and has a rigid shell to protect your laptop. Now this is where I carry my 15" Lenovo Yoga while my 13" MacBook Pro goes in the main compartment. The main compartment is a standard backpack compartment, you can put a lot of stuff in here as it is mostly wide open and I also carry my Jamstik+ here. Near the top you run into the tech compartment though. The tech compartment sits on top of the backpack. This is another lined, soft padded, rigid compartment that can be used to store things like sunglasses or other things you want to have additional protection. I myself put my keys in the tech compartment when I travel.




On the front of the bag, in front of the tech compartment, you have a small pouch with some additional small mesh pockets in it. This is where you can store small items like flash drives or the like, and this compartment holds my mp3 player, BeatsX accessories, and my Moto G5 Plus. The middle front compartment has two pockets in it; the main pouch and another lined soft padded compartment. This soft padded compartment is the tablet pouch, and it holds an iPad Air 2 sized tablet perfectly. This main pouch here is where I store all my charging cables, and my Belkin travel surge protector. The front most pouch is where you find your standard office attachments like pen holders and additional mesh pockets for other items like a computer mouse. This pouch is where I do indeed keep a pen or two, my external hard drive, my battery backup, my Kindle Voyage with charger, my Nintendo 3DS XL in it's travel pouch with charging cable, and a physical book if it doesn't go in the larger tablet pouch.




Even if you don't know what a lot of the things I carry in my Ogio Renegade RSS are, you can easily search for them, or understand that I carry a crazy amount of stuff in my bag when I travel. Does the bag get heavy? Yes, yes it does, but there is a sternum strap on the bag to help alleviate the weight on your shoulders and it helps a lot. Make no mistake, if you want or plan to carry a lot of stuff with you, the Ogio Renegade RSS is a bag to consider, and if you don't need to carry as much, there are other options. Ogio sells some of those options as well. Trust me when I say, if you can fill the space, you will.

The Good
• Crazy amounts of storage
• Comfortable
• Laptop and tablet protection

The Bad
• A little expensive
• Can get quite heavy
• Cloth strap will loosen over time



I already pretty much wrapped up this review so I'll reiterate. The Ogio Renegade RSS will store a ridiculous amount of stuff if that's what you want, or there are other options. The Ogio website says both up to 15" laptops and 17" laptops will fit in the laptop compartment. I'm not sure which is accurate anymore. My model is the RSS 17 which will indeed carry up to a 17" laptop. This bag is definitely worth considering if you're looking to carry around external battery backups, external hard drives, chargers and cables, and spend a lot of time out and about or travelling. As much as some people may dislike this next statement, it's even good if you plan on spending all day playing games like Ingress or Pokémon Go because you can carry battery packs and even water bottles while keeping your hands free. You can find the Ogio Renegade RSS all over for $150, or you can even buy it directly from Ogio here.
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