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Oct 21, 2011
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I know a lot of folks are gonna be PO'd about the 7 month upgrade from iPad 3 to iPad 4 with the iPad 3 being removed from the Apple Store inventory while maintaining the iPad 2. Apple may have just shot themselves in the foot doing this. (Brother Steve must be rolling over in his grave over this one.) It my look like they're trying to bring the iPad releases more in line with the phones to some while others will see it as Apple buying into the Android method of upgrade as frequently as possible. While the move was a load of crap, I'm not immediately too concerned. The 4 is not that much better than the 3 as the 3 is a good performer. I've been pleased to no end since getting my iPad 3 and I'm not about to think of it as antiquated and functionally out of date. My wife has been wanting an iPad to replace her Xoom, so she'll probably get a 4 for Christmas, unless the 3 drops in price significantly, but my 3 will be staying on with me for what will probably be another year. It works great for me so I guess I'm just not going to sweat a lot about it.... really!!!

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