New iphone physics casual game Fish!


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Dec 4, 2008
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do you want to check out my new(and first) iphone physics game Fish!
Fish! is an iphone game that has you guiding your little fish to
collect gold nuggets by dropping food into the water! Watch realistic
liquid water swirl and crash around as you tilt your iphone.

There is also an unlockable free style aquarium mode where you get to
drop your virtual pet fish into the water!

Web page:
jychong's iphone app site!

Video here:
YouTube - Fish! My iphone app

It features:

- realistic rolling wave physics! Tilt the iphone to observe cool
water animation...

- get your fish to collect gold nuggets by dropping food in the water

- unlock modes like FreeStyle aquarium mode and Fish Selection

- earn beautiful medal images generated from your playing style

- Choose from an assortment of fish or draw your own. Custom fish can
be added to the iphone's photo library

Let me know what you guys think!