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Jun 8, 2022
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Almora Darkosen is my long-term project which I have been working on for almost 10 years alone. The game is being developed in Game Maker Studio 2 and has been available on Google Play for over a year and now on App Store!.

Download from App Store:

What is Almora Darkosen about?
Almora Darkosen is a retro style hack and slash, role-playing game set in a fantasy world.
Talk to the NPCs and complete quests for them. Follow the main storyline and discover new locations.
The huge Almora Island contains different locations:
fields, swamps, forests, dark forests, towns, crypts, caves, deserts and other...
Almora is also a tactical game. Rush in this game is not always advisable...

Game features:
☆ 12 Languages ( Polish, English, Russian, Deutsch, Espanol, Bulgarian, Portuguese-Brazil, French, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Hungarian )

☆ Long story of Almora Island.

☆ Quests: Over 100 Quests, including Main and side quests with a long story line.

☆ Items: Over 1500 different items, swords, axes, shields, helmets, armors, pants, boots, gloves, rings, stones, potions, herbals, minerals, keys, tools and many other… Includes: basic items, enhanced, rare, unique and legendary.

☆ Mining and digging: Search for minerals like iron, silver or gold ores. Dig some hidden chests and explore whole island with hidden places.

☆ Crafting: Craft Your items, upgrade it to enhanced, rare or unique. Make new mixtures, battle or defensive essences, special keys, discover new items. There is over 300 item combinations.

☆ Inventory with deposit: (Diablo style)

☆ Mercenaries: Hire a mercenary and fight with monsters by his side. Keep him alive, share with him potions and upgrade him to higher level. Mercenaries are very helpfull, usually are stronger than you.

☆ Monsters: Fight with bosses and different monsters with special abilities: flying, crawling, summoning other monsters, casting spells, poisoning, reborning, healing, disappearing and more…

☆ Boats and portals: If you have enough of walking, you can always use a paid boat. You can travel to places you previously discovered.

☆ Minigames: Play Almorian mini games for gold and tokens in the Taverns and hidden places. Collect Almora Tokens to craft better gear and items.

☆ NPC: talk with all NPCs with their stories and quests.

☆ Skills: Use active and passive skills. You can choose Your skill path, fire or poison, Use the healing skills to heal You and Your mercenaries. Choose what kind of combat do You like, melee or distance.

☆ Game knowledge book: In-game encyclopedy: List and statistics of all discovered items. Monsters statistics and descriptions. Crafting book with listed all discovered items combinations.
And many others...

Game is free with Ads or No-Ads with Premium ( +some optional features ):

You can turn off the ads by buying the Premium Account. Additionally there are some extra features with Premium Account:

( It's not Pay To Play! or Pay To Win! You can finish the whole game without Premium Account )
You will not take extra gold and tokens for real money!

☆ No ads in whole game
☆ Access to mini games
☆ Access to encyclopedy ( items/monsters/crafting )
☆ Crafting preview on crafting table

Download from App Store:

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Things that are still to be fixed / added:
- Cloud save game (currently only available on Android)
- Game pad support
- Screen aspect ratio: This is a more complicated thing to do, but I'm working on it. On some 4:3 tablets the screen is strangely stretched, this can be remedied by turning off the "Force full screen" option, then black bars will be added to the screen, but at least it will not be distorted.

Thank you so much to the testers for their help and I hope you had fun playing :)

If you have any questions, comments or problems, feel free to contact me. Any comments are appreciated and I will try to fix any problems as soon as possible.
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