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Apr 24, 2013
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Hi guys I am new to the theming community and am hooked already, here are the themes that I have created and released so far in order of creation.

iPix HD Weather LS - Lockscreen


HD Weather forecast Lockscreen in a choice of 5 colors. Contains instructions for using own weather icons if wanted, selecting color theme and getting weather information for your area. (Hosted by Macciti on cydia)

iPix HD Siri Glow 5 Pack - Siri Skin


HD Siri theme in a choice of 5 colors. (Hosted by Macciti on cydia)

iPix HD Digital Glass LS - Lockscreen

iPix HD Digital Glass LS.jpg

HD Digital style lockscreen with detailed information about the current weather in your area and the high and low temps for the next 5 days, 7 colors to choose from. (Hosted by Macciti on cydia)

iPix HD TECH1 - Full Theme


My most complete theme so far and I am very happy with the end result, includes App icons, SBSettings, Notification Center, SMS, Siri Skin, Zeppelin Logos, Plus more...

Plan to create a choice of color themes to include in next update. (Hosted by Macciti on cydia)

Thanks for checking out my work and look forward to hearing what people think.