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May 9, 2021
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Home Décor with Twin Platform Bed for Adults

Furnishing a house has to be one of the most daunting tasks that befall people as they try to make a home out of it. They have the challenge of picking the right furniture pieces that will “rhyme” with the building itself while also having to create a harmony of this furniture. As such, choosing beds for a house is one of the many steps of furniture selection, and currently, people are gearing towards unconventional methods of using beds as an item of décor rather than a necessity.

Platform beds are increasingly adapted for home use (as opposed to monetary accommodation). Recently, the twin platform bed for adults is adopted for use in other parts of the home within and without.

1) Living room usage

Platform beds come in different looks and designs. One, not so new design, is a foldable sofa bed convertible between being a couch and a bed simultaneously. These types of platform beds are commonly used in living room spaces. The sofa is converted into a bed when the family is watching a movie to give extra room for family members to have a chance and enjoy time together. At the same time, when used as a sofa, it is very comfortable as the material of the mattress is dense and ergonomic as well.


2) Color selection

Platform beds are usually big in size, and they are very conspicuous in the home. As such, their color selection needs to blend in well with the rest of the home and create a harmony of furniture in the house. The colors should not be too bright or too dull, depending on the amount of lighting that is available in the home. Bright colors, (shouting) are more angled towards a feminine look and feel while dull colors present a more masculine feel in the house. Colors shouldn’t just blend within the scope of furniture but also with carpets, drapes and curtains, mats, and lights too.

3) Artistic considerations

It is highly prevalent for people to have paintings, portraits, or any other art pieces hanging on the walls of their homes. These paintings come in different themes and give off various auras. As such, the twin platform bed for adults design should complement these art pieces to give the house a constant subject that serves to tell the dwellers of the home what the owner stands for. Murals can also be done on the walls of a bedroom to add to the aesthetic value, and the platform bed design and bedding need to match up harmoniously to this.

4) Focal point consideration

One may decide to use a twin platform bed as a focal point in their bedroom, and as such, all other furniture will be less seen compared to a king-size bed. This will provide for a more visible bed in the room, making it what really catches one’s eye as they enter the room, case in point. After considering this is when one can move onto other accessories not necessarily wooden. Also, another piece of furniture can be chosen as the focal point of the room, and as such, the platform bed must compliment it instead of overshadowing it and stealing its shine.

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5) Lighting and views

It is a common saying that “lighting is the most important consideration when decorating a house,” and this holds true for decorating a bedroom too. A twin platform bed for adults, when appropriately used in decorating a house while accounting for how natural and artificial lights behave there, offers a beautiful and neat finishing. Artificial lighting can be manipulated; however, the client decides to do so. On the other hand, natural light, in addition to being crucial in a home, is harder to manipulate as it comes in the form of sunlight through windows, skylights, and doors. One needs to observe how sunlight falls on objects within the room and appropriately position the platform bed to match this.

Another important factor in lighting is mirrors and reflections. Platform beds fitted with mirrors really accentuate the size of a room, making it look bigger than it actually is.


6) Texture of furniture

The material used to make furniture may be: hard, soft, lumpy, rigid, or of any other quality. As such, during making décor choices for the bedroom, it is necessary to consider the texture of pre-existing pieces of furniture in the house or pieces one is eyeing. Once this is found, the twin size platform bed selected should ideally match these pieces of furniture in texture. While homogeneity of composition is easily achieved by acquiring a bedroom set, a person may opt to use different sources for their furniture needs, and this is where they need to consider the most.

7) Functionality

While using a platform as an item of decoration, it is essential to consider its functionality as a part of the selection process. It may look nice to place a platform bed at a certain angle, but then one discovers that this position limits their access to maybe a cupboard or wardrobe. It’s necessary to adhere to basic laws of logic when incorporating a platform bed as a central part of one’s home décor to ensure the functionality of other furniture is not interfered with and reduce redundancy. Also, a platform bed may come with additional entertainment features such as a TV or speakers, and their use should be accounted for in the room to ensure the best quality.


In conclusion, the twin bed for adults can be implemented in home décor in a number of ways, as discussed above. The method in which a platform bed is incorporated into a home depends entirely on the preference of the interior designer of the house. With the right amount of careful precision, while choosing platform beds suitable to the home, one can achieve an elegant furnish of their home that really screams modern or traditional or any other theme that they are going for with the décor. However, it is advisable to get help when doing a house décor to avoid going overboard and ruining it.
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Oct 29, 2013
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Force close all your apps,clear Safari history,close all tabs, Turn your spare iPhone right off, having charged it to 70-80%. you will find it does discharge a little but not much, it should be ready to go when you need it ! If your spare is very old, you should re-charge it every couple of months.
My 4s is sitting at 45% after six weeks.
My 4 is sitting at 59% but it had a new battery once upon a time !

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