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Shawn Schrader

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Jun 30, 2014
I hope this is ok to post, seeing as how my posting involves protectors cases chargers etc, I didn't really wanna make several threads or postings in several other thread just sum it all up here. Hope this is okay. I'm sorry in advance if my opinion or review or w/e offends or upsets anyone who is fan of these products. This was just experience I MYSELF had.

My first review is of the halo branded screen protectors. They are the typical film, im the user who likes to have one on under his rugged case. Usually use a otterbox or griffin style case because medical conditions I have weak strength and do have tendacy to drop my stuff at times more then normal person should. But the screen protectors were nice because for one they went on easy and two from all case switching etc, taking case off cleaning dust out etc there is no scratches to film protector yet, customer service is great. You get 4 in the package. They also make one for the iphone 6 and so far this is closes ive seen for film protectors that ive used that cover nearly full screen. I say because of ones I used is personally if I find something that I like stick with it why change it ? you know :) If anyone likes i can provide photos on iphone they wont look great my only other camera at moment is my ipad. Halo Screen Protector Film High Definition (HD) Clear (Invisible) for iPhone 6 - [3 Pack] - Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Cell Phones & Accessories iphone 6 protectors. Halo Screen Protector Film High Definition (HD) Clear (Invisible) for Apple iPad Air 2, iPad Air (3-Pack) - Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Computers & Accessories ipad air protecors.

also for some reason don't know why mine was 4 pack for each 7 dollars for each one, they seem to have taken out one protector and they are cheaper.


Next is this what I called emergency case. First case I bought because locally where I live selection was horrible at the stores either over priced junk or just plain junk. I got it from big lots for think was 8 dollars. It held me over until I got mine in the mail. Its great for that no longer use it because it doesn't stay secured enough but if you have it flat most of time it works fine.


Next is iVAPO Luxury Vintage case I leave my ipad in when it sits on my desk when I don't plan on moving it. I searched and searched because personal preference for me was wanting to protect the bezel around the outside from getting damaged. If you seen my other thread a while ago that's why i had the kavaj ipad leather case. Seeing as damaged it caused my ipad before I began my quest to find a new case that would cover bezel like that did. Worried about it being the leather maybe got wet or something decided to get a pleather think that's name for fake leather case. This case is very nice feel to it its smooth type, the cover seems be harder then normal type of cheap folio case. For me its piece of mind knowing the screen will be guarded nice when its closed. The price was good to at just 16$ Felt was more of a higher end price then the cheap cheap like 1-5$ folios. So far it has held up fantastic. IF your in market for folio case recommend looking into it. iVAPO Luxury Vintage Multiple Angle Vision Stand Function Flip Cover Case With Auto Wake/Sleep Feature For Ipad Air/5 (MM471) (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories


iPad Air Case, New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case
This case has been one of the few new trent products I do like. Its otterbox rugged style which is nice for me with my personal preference. Its protected my ipad nicely. The screen protector is down side You have clean it ALOT kind of annoying but small price to pay when you know your 500$ investment is protected and guarded. It also has a excellent stand on back, honestly surprised me because seen it was just tiny piece of metal seemed thin and how heavy and bulky the case is thought for sure it fall over. The other downside to this is in photos you can see how the leather strap looks like one end has been pulled out to far by the bend like it should be pushed back in, its not its how its made i guess maybe design flaw maybe my OCD. iPad Air Case, New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case compatible: iPad Air [Rugged: Water Resist , Dirt and Shock Proof] [360 Degree Rotatable] [Leather Hand Strap] with [Built-in Stand] + [Built-in Screen Protector]: Computers & Accessories


Airbender Pro from New Trent
Was excited to get this hearing all hype about keyboard cases, really didn't have ability dish out what some of good name brands cost and when I got email test this was so excited.! Turned out for me to be a huge disapointment. Again the Screen protector is garbage seems to be trend with new trent products. I dont know if having extra protector under it the film kind caused this but had moisture build up under the protector and around plastic on my ipad. I don't know what caused it but moment noticing the moisture stop using it! will not risk ruining my ipad for something paid 1$ to test. Also the ipad is to heavy when you attach it to keyboard everytime I put case whole meaning keyboard attached to case it would fall backwards, pretty much its to top heavy. I mentioned all these in my review on forum and again I put this on review form amazon and I was told to remove it and they would forward my comments or risk not reviewing anything anymore. Should of left it because new trent products been nothing but disapointment after disapointment for me. iPad Air Keyboard Case, New Trent Airbender Pro [Full-body Rugged] [Water, Dirt, Shock Resistant ][Detachable] [360 Degree Rotatable] Wireless Bluetooth Clamshell iPad Keyboard Case with [Built-in Screen Protector]- Compatible: iPad Air/i


New Trent Trentium 6S 4.7
Another disapointment. The case fits nice but the issue with this one never happen with any other new trent products my screen protector of the case would stick to my screen i have pull it off kinda hard well not hard but harder then you should have to to remove the case. I emailed them asked them they claimed to tell me its because of protector under it on my phone. I knew this to not be true but for heck of it I removed my film protector tried it again. Same thing except worse. the part that stuck to screen expanded more to point where it was basically EXTREMELY difficult to remove. Also the piece covers home button was not sticking so my finger print would not work. Case is in the trash can. iPhone 6 Case, New Trent Trentium 6S 4.7 [Ultra-thin] [Heavy Duty] Full-Body Rugged [Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof] Case for Apple iPhone 6 with 4.7" screen [with Built-In Screen Protector ] [Black/Silver/Gold Interchangeable Back Plate


New Trent Alixo.
I ask myself why keep testing this companies products wasting my coffee money but hope for change. So far the only thing having negative about this was white protector popped off. But positive thing is it went right back in so its basically way it was minus cleanig it a little. The only other down side is its clear, with any clear case ive used in past its impossible keep smudge free and scratch free. If your ocd and pieces of lint bother you stay away only reason being its clear. Fingerprint on this one unlike the other I review WORKS and home button cover DOES STICK. I like this case alot for days I feel like showing off my iphone beauty. iPhone 6 Case, New Trent Alixo 6S (4.7") Rugged Transparent Case: [scratch resistant/shock proof/dirt proof] [BLACK and WHITE interchangeable front cover with Built-in Screen Protector] for the Apple iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch screen case onl


Arcadia Wall Charger
Just got this today, I really don't know what could be bad about a wall charger. I guess I'm not tech savy enough to know ? if anyone has any question could just ask. Charges my stuff fast, what like about it is being able plug two things in at once. Downside its made out of that plastic like some tv's have that scratch easy if you rub it or anything. Nice product though. Wall Charger, Arcadia NT90C 17W 5V/3.4A [Dual USB Ports] [High-Speed] AC Wall Charger with [Foldable Prong] for most of the Smartphones, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S5,.. 5V Tablets, iPad Air, iPad 2/3/4,.. and more.: Cell Phones & Ac

Otterbox Defender Admiral/ ink blue via verizon
Firstly I have nothing against otterbox. They have been fantastic go to cases for people like me needed rugged protection. All of there products ever used FANTASTIC AMAZING, this however is like after bowling strike after strike 10th frame in GUTTERBALL. Protector is like perfect 10 having dropped my phone no damage once so ever. HOWEVER after less then a month the plugs that go over charger and headphones tore off completely, my screen protector was also harshly scratched. I know what you think dropping it it'll get scratched dropping it on carpeting in my house don't feel like should make spider web scratches all over the whole thing. Also one tab on plastic doesn't snap together don't know why it stopped just wouldn't snap together. Otterbox sent me out replacement parts since they no longer send a whole new case and box, First Rubber came great awesome, next day inner shell. Been roughly like 2 weeks again my plug cover on bottom starting to rip AGAIN and this time the top of the rubber has rip in it. Very disapointed its been two weeks and ive treated this thing like a baby, The only time removing it was to take it off and put in my griffin case since my Otterbox experience this time has been JUNK I'm supposed call them to see if they can help me out but what would been right thing ? go caseless again well i wait for replacement or just switch to different brand. Ill still call them but wont go back with it feel like basically just flushed 55$ down drain.

im guessing I reached attachment limit because my photos for last two items would not work. but if you check link for wall charger you can see photos of it. if anyone is interested in otterbox photos i will upload them later to this thread.

Shawn Schrader

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Jun 30, 2014
Can a Mod please delete my duplicate thread im not sure how. my internet went crazy for min i thought my computer lagged up and froze turns out i posted twice SORRY !

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