iPhone Trade In / Apple - No Info Yet? (XS Max $370 pur 12 Pro Max)


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Jan 17, 2011
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When I purchased on Apple for my Unlocked 12 Pro Max (P-Blue / 256) it had the usually "Do you have a phone to trade in"

I did all that, and also picked AppleCare+ $9.99 a month. Ordered it as 5:15am on 11/6, got my phone on 11/13 (Good for Apple!) and that's it..

Seems Apple Care failed to go through per call with Apple. I never asked about the trade in for the $370, just assumed something would pop in via UPS/FedEx or even an email from Apple. But today 11/17 and nothing, no hint about the trade in?

It's fine if it failed, I will reset and list with with a bunch of cases and screen covers on Swappa... but I can't figure out how to tell if the Trade-In from Apple is still happening w/o having to call them and be put on hold for 20-40 min again.

I can't see anything online, nothing shows on my receipt, not sure if it does or not normally.

Anyone also waiting on "trade in" info?