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Jan 30, 2009
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I have been thinking of buying an iphone 3g lately. Been researching abt it too.

However, iphone 3gs are not being sold in M'sia yet. Which means i have to get it somewhere else. I know most countries out there sell iphone 3gs with a contract and the iphone require jailbreak if you wish to use it on other operators.

I also notice that there are several countries that sell iphone 3gs with no contract and the iphone is unlocked upon purchased by the telco.

So my questions are:
1) If you purchase a stand alone unit from an authorised telco without a contract, it means you can use the iphone on any operators in any country rite?
2) I heard that when you purchase a stand alone unit with no contract, the telco will unlock it for you upon purchase. Whats the difference between the kind of unlock that the authorised telco use and jailbreak?
3) If they are the same, does it mean I have to send my phone back to unlock again everytime a new patch is out? like the 2.2 now.
4) If they are different, how can you tell if the iphone 3g is using jailbreak or being unlocked by the authorised telco?

Appreciate the help. ^_^

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