iPhone 5 shattered


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Sep 12, 2012
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AppleCare + and I am waiting for the mophie juice pack pro for the iPhone 5 uhhhhg come on mophie you all have had plenty of time

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Sep 21, 2012
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The problem is, the phone itself is a solid piece of aluminum with a glass "front"... So while it is super sturdy with solid build quality, it has no "give". As soon as it drops, all the force will travel to the weakest part of the phone, in this case, the weaker glass front.

It's a trade-off, you get a better built phone, that feels more rugged, but you actually have to be more careful with it then say a Galaxy S3 which is a cheaper piece of polycarbonate plastic. I still believe this phone doesn't warrant a case. It is well built and this kind of accident is an exception, not a norm.

As for whether Apple has the best customer service, I'd say it's anecdotal and dependent. My friend in Seattle wanted Apple to exchange his macbook pro when it was found to be faulty and which Apple tried to cover up. They refused to do so, when they knew it was faulty. He took Apple to court, Apple spent nearly 70 times the cost of replacing his laptop on lawyers, courts, fees etc. They fought him tooth and nail, and eventually the judge asked them whether they knew it was faulty, apple's lawyers admitted they did, and he asked them whether it wouldn't have been cheaper to just replace it. Suffice to say, he won the case. Yes, my friend is Seattle Rex.

Though I don't disagree, out of all the smartphone manufacturers, RIM, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, etc. Apple does have the best customer service.


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Apr 1, 2011
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I thought Apple has 1 year of free warranty, but that doesn't include user caused accidents.

It's cool that Apple offer this, but you need to know that your replacement is a refurbished phone.

Even if it is a refurb, which I doubt, who cares? It's the same phone. Still has the same warranty. You're not losing anything.