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iPhone 5 case for running


New member
Oct 26, 2012
When I finally get my iPhone 5 in a few weeks, I am going to use it for my runs. I hate wearing arm bands because they don't fit well. I thought about getting a case with holster, such as the Seidio active, but found a running belt that would allow me a place to store the phone while I run. The belt has a lot of benefits over a holster, but my biggest worry is that when in the belt, the phone is pressed against my waist and will likely be exposed to sweat.

I've looked into lifeproof cases and am intrigued by them, but worried about the availability of them. Are there any other cases out there similar to lifeproof that you think could protect my phone from sweat? I am not sure if it has to be rated waterproof, but probably needs to have port covers. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.


Active member
Sep 27, 2012
I just keep mine in the normal protective case and then wrap it in a ziplock or little foldable sandwich baggie. Then I stick it in my SpiBelt or other sport belt (also worn around my waist). Keeps it dry, and I can even still use the touchscreen through the plastic most times if/when I take it out. Been working for me with my iphone 3G for four years of running. My new iphone 5 hasn't been out running with me yet though. Think I need a bigger belt for it.

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