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iPhone 3G w/ FW 2.1 - Carrier Selection Menu?


Sep 18, 2008
I turned on my iPhone 3G today in Northern Michigan near the Canadian border and found a new menu option under Settings. On the Settings main page, under Wi-Fi and above the Fetch Menu was a menu option that said Carrier. I tapped it and after a short search with whirling icon, AT&T and Rogers showed up as Carrier options. I was shocked! I didn't think this was enabled in the US. I clicked back home and stepped to my puter to send this message. I went back into the settings menu to get a screen shot and that choice had dissapeared. Has anyone had any similar experience? I would LOVE to have that option there all the time. I do a fair amount of business near Canada and the phone jumping to the Rogers network is expensive. I loved the fact that my Moto had the option to choose carrier. In fact I still carry that Moto just in case my iPhone jumps to Rogers. Any help? Bug/quirk? 2.1 nonsense?


Note: This is the first time since upgrading from 2.0.2 to 2.1 that I turned the phone off. Would that have some impact?

iPhone 3G, Black 16 GB, FW 2.1
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