iOS 16 - Focus issue with watchOS?


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Mar 8, 2012
Anyone else having an issue with Focuses syncing with watchOS?

This issue actually was not present in beta 1, but has come up in beta 2, 3, and 3 (revised).

On my iPhone, I use 4 main "focuses" and they all work perfectly. However, only three show up on my Apple Watch. Further, only those three activate on my Apple Watch, even if I engage them from my iPhone.

For example, if I go into "do not disturb" or my "work" focus on my iPhone, it carries over to my Apple Watch (and vice versa). However if I can't even go into my "workout" focus on my Apple Watch as it does not appear there, and if I go into my workout focus on my iPhone, it works fine on the phone, but does not carry over to the Apple Watch.

I've reported this bug with the Feedback app and posted an update when it was not fixed in beta 3, but have not yet gotten a response.

Anyone else having a similar issue?



Mar 10, 2012
I have not seen this behaviour with the iOS 16 Beta 3 and the current version of watchOS 8.

Something you're not mentioning is whether you're running watchOS Beta, which can have an influence on the behaviour.