[iOS 14 Pub Beta 2] Can’t enable AT&T WiFi calling? ...


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Anyone here ever run into this? I’ve had it enabled for ages. (I would periodically check). Then today I happened to look and it was off. When I tried to re enable I got this.

Error Message: "Oops! We can't turn on Wi-Fi Calling for your account.Think this is a mistake? Ask the person who can make account changes to call us. (EDS0008)"

iPhone 11 Pro Max. Three other iPhones in the house (all on the same plan). I just checked them and 1 already had it enabled, the other 2 had it off but I was able to turn it on with no problems. I'm running the public IOS beta but I'm not convinced that has anything to do with it. I can't be sure. I also enabled every system location services option just to make sure and that didn't help.

Any ideas? TIA.

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