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Jun 29, 2009
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Hello Iphone Blog Community,

My name is Frank and I have a icon problem with a couple of newly downloaded apps on my 3GS. I upgraded from world ping pong lite to the full paid version and I also got the myWireless app from AT&T. After I downloaded and installed, from some dump reason of mine, I did a restart after everything completed, and now the icons for those apps are wrong/changed. World ping pong still has the lite version icon and myWireless now from some crazy reason has the Slacker Radio app icon. Also, both apps icons are darkened/almost blacked out.

Has anyone ran into this before? Any fixes? I've tried another restart, a couple of syncs with itunes, and I've even delete myWireless, reinstalled, and for a split sec it had the right icon, but then changed back into the Slacker icon.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Other than this hiccup, I love my new 3GS. I came over from T-mobile with a BB Peal, I also have a BB Storm at work. The 3GS blows both of them away. I'm on the darkside now!!

P.S: Sorry for the length!

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