I never loved my Apple Watch until I used it at the beach


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May 31, 2015
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I had Apple Watch s5 for 3 years. The latest 1.5 years i used it on a swimming pool tracking my training. Always after swimming i pour clean water to throw away the chlorine (with no pressure). And i used the water vibration feature many times afterwards. It broke on the 3rd year. It is not water resistant,it is water proof. When time passes the ability to prevent water for entering in it , it diminishes. And you end up with a broken watch which can not be fixed…..
Sad but true…


Sep 11, 2014
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This always shocks me. I got the first Apple Watch. First thing I did was turn off notifications for everything but only important people or apps. So notifications were never an issue. But what I found was a million conveniences that made it indispensable. The earliest were: driving direction taps to notify you so you didn't have to use audible directions that ruin music or conversations, being able to set timers and alarms super easy, contactless payments (which I love and still use daily), opening my garage and turning on certain lights, having weather elements at a glance. It even let me know tide states quickly which was huge for anchoring our crapy little boat, even using it as a flashlight for looking under the couch and stuff. Tons of small insignificant life improvements but bundled together made it amazing. But they they got better, faster, more advanced and I love when they alert me about breathing, loud noises, to drink water (I'm terrible at remembering this). Home automation on it is stellar now, I have tons of loyalty cards and apps on it for paying at places like the movie theaters, starbucks, for public transportation, it has my flight tickets on it (easier then digging in pocket or even having to get my phone out), notifies me if my security cameras pick up things, works as a great shutter button for my iPhone which is awesome as I love photography. I've been having some minor heart anomalies and it's been great for the ECG and for my doctors to look over info. I've taken some hard spills doing dumb things and it was nice knowing if I needed help all I had to do was not cancel the 911 countdown. Using the find my app on it to quickly locate things, track medications for my parents, control music, use an as Apple TV remote...I mean seriously. It's so much nicer and makes me use my phone so much less I find it an absolute must. And this is only scratching the surface. Oh yeah, and I love I can swipe up, click a button, and my watch and phone are silenced at movie theaters or events. I owned the 1st watch (technically the 0 gen), gen 2 and gen 4. Think I might go ultra when the second version comes out. I get the one with cellular but only activate it on vacations. It gives me better GPS and added piece of mind when I travel every great once in awhile.

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