How would you change the UI?


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Oct 26, 2004
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I posted this on front page in response to more "channels" being added but thought it might be interesting to discuss.

It's still interesting to hear channels or stations being mentioned. I'm more interested in shows, events, or programs. On my trust ole directv receiver, I set up series recordings. Flash, Arrow, Louisville games, etc. First thing I do when I sit down is pull up the dvr list, select a program, and watch. I only use the guide/search or maybe an app to find shows that look interesting to record. Channels and times they come on are meaningless.

Netflix and hbogo? Same thing. I go into an app (which I hate because now we're into the "channels" thing that I have to select first before content). Look for a show to binge on. Hulu? I couldn't put up with the awful commercials. Too time consuming and annoying. Amazon is fine, but ugly UI on xbox one, but it's free with Prime. Watch ESPN is cool for watching any game I missed or espn 3 games.

Here's the thing. I don't want to have to remember, yeah, this is on HBO, have to use that app. Or this is on netflix, better go there. Or this app has this. Or this is app is crap, hide it. I want universal search. And if just a few quality full library apps are more than enough, then imagine having all the crap apps unhidden and going through them on an apple tv. Not just go through them, but have to activate them each, on the web, repeat that ever so often, and for what? A select few full episodes full of commercials that you must sit through and a bunch of video clips?

I don't want "channel" icons or apps on the home screen. I want itunes store, itunes content, itunes library, pictures, music, and an icon called guide or spotlight (which brings up all the content served by all the non-itunes apps and looks similar to what you see when you first logon to netflix). Customize this spotlight app. Enable whatever apps (such as netflix, hbo, espn, etc) you want to FEED this guide with content. Search and browse are your friends. Full episodes only check box. Have a favorites list. Have something in settings to select a cable provider or leave blank for none. If it's left blank, then automatically HIDE the apps that require cable sign-on. That would go a long way in reducing clutter.

Anyway, I don't see Apple TV replacing what I can get on the directv and in the way I want, series recordings and dvr list. It's a supplement in its current form. But it's also a mess unless you know what you're looking for and what to hide or ignore. Even the proposed live "channels" package is a nonstarter for me if it can't present it to me like directv can from a content first perspective (series recordings, dvr list, smart search, pause, fast forward, etc).