How do I delete an emergency contact on my iPhone Health app?


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I have an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.0. I set up Medical ID using the Health app, with my wife as the emergency contact. But the Lock screen has an old phone number. The phone number is correct In Contacts, but I have not been able to delete the Health app emergency contact so as to reinstall it. I received this reply to my initial post:

"Just open the health app, Go into Medical ID far right - button and where you see the contact for Medical Contact hit EDIT top right and select the minus sign which will bring up on the right a delete box in Red. Self explanatory the rest of the way."

But there is no minus sign next to "add emergency contact". It's a green plus sign. Tapping on it only gives me the option to add a contact. I tried to add the contact with only the correct phone number, and it shows up correctly on the app. but the lock screen still has the wrong number. I go back and delete the contact, but it's not deleted from the lock screen.


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Sep 2, 2013
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The "minus sign" is shown next to the contact not next to "add emergency contact". Is there not an minus sign next to your wife's contact in the emergency contact section?

Is there are possibility that you have two entries for your wife in your contacts and the wrong one is selected in the Health app?


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Jan 14, 2011
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Yes actually you did not need to start another question as you could have answered me from the original message and when you originally added the contact with the + sign it allowed you to choose from contacts and then choose Bother, Siter etc. and then DONE top right.
When removing go to the same area where you will ONLY see a - sign when you select it you will see the delete and select it, When you se it gone top right hit DONE as I already explained to you and once again thank you.