How can I change channels in Apple TV using a universal remote?


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Our cable company (Dalton, Ga., Optilink) has switched to total streaming, i.e., we now get all of our "cable" thru an app from the Apple or Google app store. To change channels, you either swipe left or right on the Apple TV remote, or hit the Menu button, go to the Guide and then use the remote's touchpad to scroll up and down and select your channel. But my mother-in-law, who lives with us, can't handle the Apple TV remote. She can't manage the swipe or go to the guide and scroll up and down to change channels. What she needs is to be able to use her old remote where all she needed to do to change channels was to click up or down on the remote's Channel rocker button. I've tried two universal remotes and they control Apple TV, but don't change channels. The Siri voice control on the remote also does not work within the local "cable" TV app. Anyone ideas?

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