FaceTime in tvOS 17 is a game changer — here’s how I’m using it on Apple TV 4K


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Jul 8, 2020
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I love this trend. In 2020 I couldn't understand why Apple TV, Roku and Amazon weren't racing to add support for external webcams. Using a phone, especially wirelessly, is even more ideal. You can keep the phone closer to you for better mic input (or put it near the TV so it doesn't appear that you're staring off into space, and use a Bluetooth speaker near you for even better mic performance).

I finally realized during lockdown that I could do wireless web chats via a Samsung Note 20. It has a full desktop experience called DeX (not unlike Stage Manager on an external monitor), and connects wirelessly to Roku or smart TV's like my LG, or via a USB-C cable. I have a tabletop tripod with a phone/tablet mount that works great for leveling the camera. And since it's just Android, it works with Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Signal, WhatsApp... anything except Facetime of course. Call quality is solid, and this works with any TV that has an HDMI cable or newer smart features, so good for traveling.

But what we quickly realized was, we don't want to see our family and friends at 65 inches! Eww! We now just put an iPad in the tripod mount, sometimes with bluetooth speakers.


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