HomePod & Apple TV, my experience and after some thoughts


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Mar 22, 2014
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Hi All,

So just in time for Corona virus lockdown, my 2007 rather ancient Bose 3.2.1 (2spk + Swfr) that was a wonderful gift decided to start shorting out and tripping the safety switch.

As a temporary step, we are using a single HomePod with the Apple TV. The first issue to overcome was finding a fix for the Apple TV continuously changing the output back to HDMI away from HomePod via Airplay 2 (Apple, feature request make the audio output selection sticky), however turns out if you set your Apple TV to use a static IP address this fixes the issue.

Due to COVID-19 it’s not quite the right time to go shopping for another modern equivalent to my old Bose, so I was thinking of getting a second HomePod, pairing them as a stereo pair and giving that a try for a while (we can use the second HomePod elsewhere in the house if we decide that isn’t the right solution moving forward, or return within 14 days).

What is working well
Pairing and general user experience is actually great
Audio even with one speaker is enough for daily use in the specific room (4.5m x 6.5m), surprising really
Sync of audio and video, using various apps is great (Netflix, Plex, Apple TV+, Channels with HDHomeRun) is great

What is still a challenge
Play & pause audio in most apps is a bit of a mess, it takes a while, sometime the audio starts a bit early, but it does clear itself up after a second or three.
Over the past three days I’ve had to re-boot HomePod once to get audio working, this is my biggest concern that it just doesn’t work sometimes
Hey Siri feature on Apple TV doesn’t work when taking content from Apple TV, not a big deal, however it would be nice to speak to AppleTV via HomePod for commands

Keep to get anyones thoughts or experiences, some questions that are bubbling around in my head:

@ Am I crazy and trying to do something beyond the HomePods real capability, for example WAF (wife acceptance factor) on it possibly not working quite right from time to time.

@ Does anyone have any guidance on the stability and quality of sound for stereo paired HomePods?

@ Any suggestions for higher end shelf units, compact surround sound or soundbars that might be a better more reliable solution?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

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