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HD Movies


New member
Aug 24, 2014
So, a while back I got a movie bundle in standard definition from iTunes because I only had a first gen iPad mini. (Plus, it was a cheaper cost.) This year, I finally upgraded to the Air 2 and other devices with a better resolution. So, I had a few questions about acquiring the HD versions of those movies.

1) Is it possible that if I contact Apple, I might get them at the cost difference between the two resolutions?

2) After getting the HD version, will iTunes show the artwork twice in my undownloaded movies or just once?

2b) If twice, will there be a way to not show the SD copy?

I can't remember my other questions at the moment, but I'll edit them into the post when / if I do.


New member
Aug 17, 2010
1) Anything is possible, but I wouldn't count on it.

2) From my experience, it will show as a separate item. If you sync with iTunes, you can chose what movies to/not to have on your device.

Just my two cents: I have HD and SD content, and I don't think for the price and size difference you get your money's worth. Most of the time, I can't tell the difference when viewing a movie.