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Apr 21, 2011
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I had the HTC ONE X + for about 2 weeks and it ran Jelly Bean with Google Now. I have to admit, Google Now is awesome. I wish apple would add some of the things that's in GN to Siri. GN's voice is way more human like and doesn't sound robotic like Siri. Also, I love how GN gives you an answer by voice instead of just on the screen like Siri. For example, when asked what's $100 - 50%, GN tells you by voice, " $50". Siri just displays it on the screen which you have to read. I thought the whole part of the use for Siri was NOT to have to look at your phone. I loved how GN updated me on my favorite sport teams without me asking. It would alert me of a game and tell me the final score. I loved how GN did translations to. I think Siri could learn alot from GN. Please don't trash GN is you've never used it. I've always had an iphone but wanted to try GN. GN is awesomme.