Facebook buying Whatsapp... for $16 billion!


Nov 15, 2013
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Facebook has just announced that they're buying the popular instant messaging (IM) app Whatsapp for an incredibly cool 16 billion-with-a-b dollars. Facebook, of course, has their own popular IM app, Facebook Messenger, just like they had their own photos platform before they bought Instagram. Many companies never see their replacement coming. Facebook seems intent on not making that mistake and clearly have the bank account to back it up. Will WhatsApp end up really being worth $16 billion to Facebook, especially in a fragmented market that includes other major players like Line, WeChat, BBM, and many more? Time will tell, but read the full press release below and tell me what you think...

Full story from the iMore Blog...

iOS Gravity

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Sep 24, 2013
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I just heard about this on the news. They said that FaceBook is buying it, but won't make any major changes. Not that I even use it. :)
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