Exchanged iphone 4 twice!


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Aug 3, 2012
Hi there,

Myself Vivek
I bought an iphone 4 last year around june 7 2011,and this year bought apples protection plan,a month back the battery started draining so i got it changed , and i never knew i'd get a refurbished iphone in return and it had a home button issue it was displacing towards left and right.
So next day i gave them the iphone back.
And now after a week today they gave me another new iphone4 as they say it with sr num starting from JF.

The issue i am facing is this that . The THREE GAPS in the DESIGN of the IPHONE 4 that were there in the original phone that i had are missing in this one . its just a black paint and there is no gap in between (near the HEADPHONE jack and two on the sides).

Are the new phones coming like this ? if its true,then is it true with the iphone 4 S as well ?

Is this normal or have they given me an iphone 4 which has a fake body.

I am really really devasted from apples services and i am never really going to buy any of their products in the future.Apple sends C grade products to certain countries where it thinks people have no idea about what they are doing.But its not really true everywhere.

Can you tell me if apple has redesigned the body of the iphone 4 or shall i go back to the apple care and get this one exchanged as well ?



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Apr 27, 2011
The iPhone 4 that you received as a replacement should be the same as your other one. If it's not, I would call Apple and see what your options are.

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Aug 3, 2012
Replaced it another time


They have replaced the iphone4 this time but each time there arises one or the other problem ,
Its Home Button moves right and left while i just touch it by my thumb,is it normal ?

Please let me know.

Thank you



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Dec 15, 2008
If you aren't happy take it back and they will give you another one.

What is your current issue; the home button wiggles? If it functions then it's fine. If it moves a lot then take it back. Mine wiggles a little.


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Aug 3, 2012

Thanks alot for the quick reply.
Well i am sick and tired of going back there again and again.
When i got the phone in my hands today its home button was loose and moved around just
like the 2nd replaced handset that i got.
I really dont understand what i should do , going back and getting another phone in 4 days,
Another x y z problem with the hardware.I am soo tired doing this.
The Apple Care executives on call told me to use this one and made unconfirmed promise
if this phone had an hardware issue they will give me a brand new one with box and headphones.
But they mentioned that there is no surety about it.They were just trying to calm me down.
I mentioned the serivice station folks aint taking this back it.
I said i was HAPPY with the first one i had . and at the moment i am NOT HAPPY. infact i am ADJUSTING :(

the next one that i ll get might have low screen resolution or depth of colors contrast etc there is noticable difference in every other device i have come across ie the iphone 4 models

i really feel devastated. i read a post somewhere the guy had got 7 replacements done.

As of now this iphone 4 black 16 gig in my hand scratchless replaced i dont knw if its a used one or refurbished as everybody says its sr num starts from 5k and all of its buttons work perfect except the home button,Home button goes inside out perfect but when i move my thumb on it and around it , i dont knw if the correct word is wiggles, but it certainly makes a cracking noise and moves a bit.

if they call this brand new phone , i call this fooling people somehow or the other.

Do you agree ,,

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