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email sync problem, iphone and surface pro


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i have an apple iphone 6+ and a surface pro
my emails on my ME account are still received on the phone, but when i look on my pro, it keeps asking for the password on my smtp and imap account. these used to work fine, it will not accept any of my previous passwords or current one??? help required please. Allan

is it something to do with my icloud account


Sep 8, 2016
Hi Alan,

Have you tried removing your email completely off the Surface Pro? If so, I would do that first and try setting it up again with the password you believe is correct. Also, when removing the account make sure to close out of everything and turn off your Surface Pro off and back on. In other words a soft reset.

If that does not work then my next suggestion would be to reset your password. You will have to enter that password into both devices afterwards but it should fix the issue.

Let me know if that works,

Jonathan A

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