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Mar 27, 2005
It depends a few factors, how you are backing up your iPhone to your computer via iTunes, what kind of computer you have? Mac or PC? If you are on a PC your contacts should be backed up via outlook, if you use Yahoo mail they can be backed up right in your Yahoo account.... all depends on your setup.


Oct 3, 2008
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Nuevasync has been my alternative since hearing about it. Even through several replacements, I have my contacts synced back before I get back to the car, always live, never a lost number.

Look into it: www dawt nuevasync dawt com (won't let me post a link, darn post count. )

No jailbreaking, no install required. It syncs your gmail contacts, and events back to the phone via an exchange server. First, you simply sync your contacts to your gmail via iTunes, then set-up the exchange server (on the iPhone) as the web account registration shows you how to. It's all taken care of from there. Even a brand new phone only requires you enter the password, user name, and server info.

As an added bonus I set up my outlook at work to sync (one-way) to my gmail events via goosync. So I end up with everything on my phone, and only what my works need to know on my work calendar. That my friends is a permissions sensitive cloud solution, now; and, of course, Google's providing the interactive framework.
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