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Dictionaries and kids


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Dec 17, 2011
Merriam-Webster and Dictionary.com have great apps but they don't seem to be interesting enough that my kids (7-14) would consistently use them. I found one they love and even here a few weeks later any time a word comes up that they don't know (or whatever reason they can find to look one up) out comes their iPad and Wordflex Touch Dictionary.
The reason for my post is to hopefully find more apps like it; something that they will actually use. I'm not looking for games or simplified versions of adult reference apps (they generally see through that ploy) but genuinely neat apps that have some educational value.

Any ideas that I might not have run into?



To get a better idea watch this on Youtube in HD (720p - click gear/cog at lower right of video) and in full screen (click brackets box at lower right of video). It is kinda small in an embedded player.

Wordflex Touch Dictionary - YouTube
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