Dark Knight [Action-RPG] From the developers of Luna Story and Fruit Farm Tyoon


Jan 13, 2010
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A long time ago, the Ma?s dominated the world and every human led a miserable life as a slave. As the population of humans grew, so did their strength. As they grew stronger in power, they eventually grew tired of their situation and stood up in revolt. Finally, the future King, Zenith, led the humans into a historic battle. ?The war to control the world? pit humans against the Ma in an epic battle. Though the casualties were fierce on both sides, the humans finally won a great victory and were able to bind the Ma with a ?Great Seal? expelling them from the country.

In 385 A.D, the power of the ?Great Seal? was weakening and Caber, a demon of the Ma, discovered a way to break the ?Great Seal? and once again launched hostilities with the humans. Although the toll of the war was dire, the humans eventually obtained victory with Sting, a great captain, leading the great human army. As the final battle raged on, the Capital of the Ma, Baldiode, was destroyed and the Ma were forced to run away into the ?Great Cave.?

The humans started to reclaim the wasteland on south continent?? and 30 years later?.


1. Diverse Skills
There are over 60 combinations of basic skills and diverse weaponry!

2. Equipment Levels
Each piece of equipment has levels; you can increase these levels with increased skills. The higher level a piece of equipment has, the stronger it will be.

3. Enchant System
You can enchant equipment and give them special skill sets and powers. Enchanted weapons will have a stronger effect.

4. Synthesis System
During the game, you will be able to combine items through synthesis. You can create stronger combinations of items that will prove more effective in combat.


Character System

? The character?s primary abilities include power and speed with secondary abilities of attack, defense, HP, MP, SP and Cri.
? Allocate points which are received from leveling up to your primary and secondary abilities.
? When armed, the weapon?s ability influences the character.
? Players can equip accessories on the body and carry their main weapon on their right hand and a sub-weapon or defensive equipment on the left hand.

Skill System

? Position, costume and skill effects are changed by weapons.
? There are over 60 different skills in the game.
? Skills used by inputting commands have different effects on each skin.
? Players obtain skills by leveling up, completing quests and gaining experience.
? More experience gives the character more powerful attacks.

Inventory System

? Inventory consists of Items and Equipment [Armor or weapon].

? Equipment [Armor/Weapon] can be obtained from battles or at a weapon shop.
? Equipment inventory can contain 20 units.
? Items can be obtained from battles or at an item shop.
? Item inventory can contain 30 units.

Weapon System

? Each weapon has different abilities and their abilities can be leveled up as they are used.
? There are five levels on each weapon.
? Enchanting is available for weapons and their abilities can be increased when they are successfully enchanted.
? Previous enchants will be shifted by another enchant.

Item Composition

? Once a player obtains a Mixing Manual, the character can learn how to mix raw material items.
? In accordance with the different Mixing methods, many different effects can be placed on items.

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