Breaking the links


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Mar 21, 2011
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When I first upgraded to iOS6, I took advantage of the new feature of being able to link up duplicate contact records. I have a lot of customized names that were not recognized by the facebook synergy as well as duplicate records that I needed to clean up. I spent a couple hours going through all 1k plus records and merging them together. On more than 1 occasion since I upgraded, I noticed that these linked cards did not stay linked and came apart as multiple records, thereby exposing the duplicate records that I initially had. I had to go back through and relink. I just upgraded to the iPhone 5 and had to log back into facebook. I had a feeling that most of my linked records would be broken again, and of course that had happened. Has this occurred for anybody else? Is this a known issue? I am hesitant to invest the time to link all these up again if they are inevitably going to come apart.