Automatic Call Recording Options?


Nov 12, 2012
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After years on webOS and Android, I now have a iPhone 8 for work. It's been a week and I'm not overly impressed, however this will keep me from using this phone as anything other than a work phone and that's what I wanted.

I'm looking for a way to automatically record my phone calls. I am on the phone a large percentage of the day, often while driving and I need to take notes. There are several apps that I have found, however they all require me to turn them on in order to record the call.

Is there a way to automatically (through another app) record my incoming and outgoing calls (without dialing through some app)?

Before anyone goes on about whether or not this is legal...I have researched this in Canada and the law stipulates that as long as one person involved directly in the conversation is aware (ie... ME) then there is no legal issues.

I use an app on Android and I never have to touch it, it just records every call and then records over old calls. It's great.