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Audio books no longer showing on my iPhone 5 despite being listed in iTunes as on the phone


New member
Sep 3, 2018
For years I have used Markable to convert audio books for the iPhone to listen to while walking my dog
After conversion they normally were then dragged and dropped on top of the audiobooks section on the iPhone.
lately however despite them showing in the Audiobooks section in iTunes after being dropped and syncing etc they do not show at all on the actual phone.
I have not altered any of the settings on either iTunes or the phone and the last action carried out before trying to load the books to the phone was to delete some books on the phone in the normal way of select then delete.
Any advice on what I have done to make the books show in the phone listing of iTunes but not acually having been transferred to the phone (Or being hidden) would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Boyd (mactoshb)