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3rd times the charm it seems


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Jun 11, 2009
So yesterday I had to take my 1 week old iPhone back to the apple store for the camera lens to be cleaned, somehow dust decided to find it self right in the middle of my lens. So I get there first thing I notice my screen is really yellow compared to the others and so did the genius so he decides he would like to replace it . Little did I know that I really didn't have a choice either way I would have had to replace it. So I get my new one get it set up and right off the bat ( call me nit picky or anal) dead pixel and dust in surprising bezel . I'm pissed. It decide very small going to let it go until ever 15 min my 3 g signal goes on and off. So I set up new appoint meet this really bad a** genius and get my new phone and have to say this thing is beautiful not dust anywher, no yellowing and it looks great very happy and very appreciative apple you have new geek. :):)

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