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    I am having this annoying problem where certain trackpad gestures randomly stop working and I have to restart every other time I wake my iMac from sleep mode. The up/down scrolling stops working. I can't swipe between pages or swipe to go back. Once this happens there is even very noticeable lag just moving the pointer around the desktop.

    I've checked the trackpad settings and it says that no trackpad is connected (even when I'm using it). The other day when the trackpad starting acting screwy I decided to try the Magic Mouse. I pulled up the Bluetooth settings and it wouldn't recognize the mouse or the trackpad and just said "no Bluetooth devices detected".

    I'm using a brand new Retina iMac. Is anyone else having issues with their Bluetooth trackpad/mouse? Again once the problem starts the only thing that seems to remedy it is doing a restart, then everything works fine. This is very annoying. Never had any issues with this running Mavericks on my Late 2012 iMac. Is this a Yosemite issue with the Bluetooth connected devices?
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