Unlocked when connected to Bluetooth device?


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My wife just bought a new car (new to her). 2020 Civic. Doesn't have CarPlay, but has Bluetooth. I can connect the phone to Bluetooth, but it always asks me to unlock the phone before it will read my messages, when I say 'Siri, read new messages.'

I don't want it always unlocked, but would like to find a way to get it to be unlocked when using her car.

Is this possible?

Thank you.



Mar 10, 2012
Hi Mike.

I couldn't find a setting that allows that behaviour without an Apple Watch. If your wife has an Apple Watch, you can enable "Unlock with Apple Watch", which will allow Siri to unlock the device automatically if the Apple Watch is nearby and unlocked.


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Nov 1, 2010
Excellent answer. Unfortunately, she does not have an Apple Watch. We are going to have a CarPlay head unit installed soon.

Thank you!



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Dec 2, 2010
Just so you know, CarPlay won't fix that.
I have CarPlay in my truck. If I give Siri a command of open my garage door or even turn off a light as I'm leaving, it still says that my phone needs to be unlocked.
When I do that same command on the watch, it will work because the watch is on my wrist and already unlocked.


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Aug 27, 2021
As Ed7789 said, I don’t think there is anyway around it.
I’ve run into this previously and can suggest only one thing. I use a simple Belkin MagSafe vent attachment mount. I have the 14 PM so I can attest that it holds iPhone 12 and up of all sizes. I’ve got the speed odometer in front of me and the entertainment console to the right center. between the two is usually a vent. Put the mount there and attach your iPhone on it. FaceID works from the mount with nothing more than a quick glance (hopefully your vent isn’t too much behind the steering wheel).
As someone who hadn’t used the magnet mount and the clip ones just were not convenient IME, the magnet mount is +++1. That’s where my iPhone is whenever I’m driving.

Otherwise if you know you’re going to be doing a lot of texting while driving, bring up an app that keeps the phone alive. Fir example Unlock it and say “Hey Siri drive to ____” then “go” when it comes up. Laughably inefficient but it’ll keep the iphone unlocked.