1. jhrogersii's Avatar
    While I have a 16gb WiFi iPad, I didn't realize how much I would want GPS on such a large device until I tried it. I LOVE my many GPS apps on the iPhone. I use Navigon and Waze daily, and occasionally dabble with Skobbler and now NavFree.

    After messing around with Waze and Navigon on my iPad, I am sold. I wouldn't run out and buy a huge iPad dock for my car, but the iPad makes an amazing passenger seat nav tool. It is also great for pre-trip planning since you can see so much more on the screen. The extra space would be pretty cool too, at least for Navigon. I love it, but that thing is a monster. I might not use the 3G a ton, but I would use the GPS a lot.

    Good luck to all and Merry Christmas!
    12-23-2010 07:21 PM
  2. wonder777's Avatar
    Oh to be able to check in on TIPB from anywhere, that would be my definition of heaven.
    12-23-2010 07:23 PM
  3. Amod's Avatar
    Getting one would make my mother a very happy lady!
    12-23-2010 07:26 PM
  4. clickr's Avatar
    I won't lie, I want this iPad for myself. I'm not a Grinch, just need to lighten the load when I travel to see my twin grandsons. Between my CPAP and MB, my carry-on is too heavy. This would be a dream come true. Please make my Christmas super special. Thanks!
    12-23-2010 07:44 PM
  5. DanaC#IM's Avatar
    I have 4 kids, 3 cats, a dog and a wife. My kids have taken over my appleTV and my iMac. My wife has my macbook and I am left watching netflix on my iPhone. I think my dog is eyeing my iPhone. I need an iPad!
    12-23-2010 07:47 PM
  6. mrjack's Avatar
    Always seems like my friends win an iPad but I haven't been able to follow suit! (One of my friends JUST won one at her local gym today!). I don't have the $$ to get my own so this is my chance!!! PLEASE consider little ol' me.
    12-23-2010 07:53 PM
  7. ecano's Avatar
    I absolutely want an iPad because I just started my small business and I have a couple ways I can completely run my business from an iPad. I have an iPhone 4 and love how easy it is to use IOS. I have been desiring to get an iPad, but have not been able to since all my investment has gone to my small business. I would use the iPad all the time so it will be put to good use. That's why I want to win the iPad give away! I think my business will boost and more people would want to see what I have to show simply to see it from and iPad. Please, please give me the chance to own an iPad.
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    12-23-2010 08:16 PM
  8. CutRiteFX's Avatar
    I would love to win an iPad for Christmas. Always wanted one but couldn't afford one.

    And a side note Georgia is CRAZY SEXY.
    And all the other people at TIPB are cool too. :-)

    Thanks to everyone at TIPB for all the great iPhone information.
    I check the site all the time.
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    12-23-2010 08:21 PM
  9. EricDMiller's Avatar
    i could really use an ipad to make my traveling more enjoyable
    12-23-2010 08:25 PM
  10. Obstreperouss99's Avatar
    I have been wanting one for such a long time. I hope i get picked for one. Thanks
    12-23-2010 08:27 PM
  11. believe's Avatar
    I'd really love a iPad, because I am an aspiring graphic designer and I haven't been able to afford one and my laptop broke, so I have had to use my friend's computer. So this would be a great way to be able to practice design whenever I wanted!
    12-23-2010 08:40 PM
  12. James_iphone's Avatar
    Great computer idea. Good going Apple.
    12-23-2010 08:47 PM
  13. disisyodanny's Avatar
    well yes im here for the ipad and the reason iwant it is for my dad he has been wanting an ipad since it came out we was going to get him one for his birthday with money me and my brother saved up but we got robbed so im here to enter and hopefully win this ipad ihope i win it will turn this sad face upside down
    12-23-2010 08:50 PM
  14. aamirgiganis's Avatar
    i need an ipad to stress testit so that users may know how strong it is.haha!!! tipb u rock!!! hope i win
    12-23-2010 09:02 PM
  15. koxler's Avatar
    Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is a iPad 32GB with Wifi + 3G. Please, Please, Please!

    I've been really good this year. Can you hook me up?

    Thanks Santa!
    12-23-2010 09:05 PM
  16. Blitzed's Avatar
    Entering the drawing. Thanks tipb!
    12-23-2010 09:07 PM
  17. alexp195's Avatar
    im a student and a musician, and i really want to win. if i win i might be able to use my new ipad to write a song for tipb and do all my schoolwork
    12-23-2010 09:08 PM
  18. Dantari's Avatar
    Another Great Contest. Count Me In!
    12-23-2010 09:24 PM
  19. AaronL's Avatar
    An iPad from TiPb
    A gadget for the ages
    I hope I win it!
    12-23-2010 09:34 PM
  20. msrtech's Avatar
    Ready for my new ipad
    12-23-2010 09:36 PM
  21. alexhasfun28's Avatar
    Hey TiPb,

    it's always a thrill when you guys give away stuff. i try, try, & try and never succeed and now i'm trying once again! This time i'm so ecstatic that you're giving away an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. I REALLY REALLY want an iPad. I told my self that i totally had to win this. Since iPad first debuted, i've always wanted one. I always end up in Best Buy or the Apple store and directly go to the iPad rather than anything else in the store. And to be honest, i already have my plans set for when i get an iPad. Hahah, though i don't even have one yet. But my list of Apps, Books and accessories are building up like crazy! But my heart tells me that it's coming closer & sooner. So this is my ultimate opportunity. I would be the happiest person on Earth if i get told that i'm the winner on the 25th of December. It would seriously make my WHOLE entire 2010 year. And it will start the(my) New Year with a Big Bang! And i promise TiPb, i PROMISE!!!!.. that if i win this iPad, i will take pictures with it & make a cool Thank You video from me to you & send it to you guys immediately after i receive it! I promise!!! Thank you TiPb for taking the time to read this & I really hope i get chosen! Oh i can't wait for Christmas to get here!! please chose Alexhasfun28!!!! I promise you i will treat it like a baby! With a Big TiPb logo right behind it haha.

    Thanks TiPb! And Happy Holidays (:

    Last edited by alexhasfun28; 12-23-2010 at 09:48 PM.
    12-23-2010 09:39 PM
  22. dukeastaire's Avatar
    This makes all of my dreams come true! So long Fake Mustache factory work!
    12-23-2010 09:41 PM
  23. gquiring's Avatar
    I would like an iPad, make me a Stevie fan please. We all know Billyware is never going to made a good tablet OS. Don't make me buy an Android!
    12-23-2010 09:42 PM
  24. tpony's Avatar
    I bought my wife the 16gb iPad for Christmas. It would definitely be a great surprise if I won this. Then I could give this one to my wife and hers to my Dad. Either way I wish everyone a great Christmas and the best of luck to everyone.
    12-23-2010 09:54 PM
  25. hfolmt's Avatar
    I would to have a iPad for the family this Christmas. Maybe this will help bring my wifeninto the Apple fold. She complained about a laptop until she got one, then wondered why we need wifi until she could use the laptop all over the house. The iPad would help her take the next step.
    12-23-2010 09:58 PM
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