1. arctictwist's Avatar
    So my gf wouldnt let me do the upgrade and jailbreak when evasion came out. i tried to tell her that they would fix it, and a new release would keep me from doing it. she said saw no reason, i told her your gonna want a new app and its going to say you need iOS 6... but hey what do i know. Anyways, it happened and now she wants to upgrade and JB. is she SOL?
    04-24-2013 05:00 AM
  2. Laelipoo's Avatar
    Did you save shsh manually using redsn0w? If not then yes, you are stuck.
    04-24-2013 06:12 AM
  3. natasftw's Avatar
    I'm going to assume you have the 5.1.1 SHSH blobs. With that in mind, you can TRY the 6.1.3 semi-untether. For that, download the appropriate 6.0 ((not 6.1.3)) IPSW for your iphone 4.

    Upgrade to 6.1.3
    Download the most recent redsn0w from the dev-team blog. Point it to the 6.0 IPSW. Choose to boot. When it reboots, go back and choose jailbreak. If it finishes, you're set. If not, downgrade back to 5.1.1 using the same redsn0w tool. It'd be a bit of work to try it out, but you'll have a safety net in case it fails.
    04-24-2013 09:48 AM

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