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    Ok, I'm new to iTunes Match, but I'm a long time user of iTunes. I have 4000+ songs in iTunes and many of them had incorrect info or art for years33. A few weeks ago I signed up for and initialized iTunes Match. It had a bunch of songs that it said were not matched, which is what motivated me to do the correction of the song data. It took me the course of about 2 weeks to get it all corrected. Now, before I do anything else with iTunes Match, is there anything specific I need to know or do so that all that time and effort don't go to waste by doing another "match"? Basically, is it possible that iTunes will somehow undo anything I corrected?

    My 3 reasons for doing Match are that I want album art displayed for everything, that I get the higher quality version of my music for the ones that aren't already equal to or better than 256, and I'd like to free up space on my iPhone but still have my entire music library available to me if I want it.
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    03-03-2012 08:19 PM

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