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    Well its hello from me, this is my first post and since i am an iphone newbie i thought it best to join a forum.
    I have recently bought a 2nd hand iphone 2g that has been unlocked and jailbroken. The previous owner was using Cydia etc and and has several games like hangman, connect 4 etc. I understand about not updating firmware as it will lock my phone back up, i am also aware of syncing etc with itunes and some problems where i tunes removes apps already on the phone before installing the ones you may have puchased and downloaded. My question is as itunes has deleted several games ( which i dont see in the phone or on my pc because they must be on the previous owners computer?) and ive unpugged it before it deletes anymore, ive now set it so it doesnt sync on auto but if i started to sync again will it remove winterboard and cydia etc or will it just remove apps that have been installed third party?? I came across this as i downloaded an alarm clock from the appstore and when i tried to sync it with the phone it started removing games, so as i was worried about wiping everything i unplugged it. I hope this makes sense, and hope somebody can understand my newbie way of putting things.

    Many thanx in advance

    12-03-2009 12:27 PM
  2. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    Welcome first off .

    The issue that I think is happening and correct me if I am wrong . You bought the phone with apps on it and then tried to sync the phone to your computer and itunes started deleteing the old apps : Correct . If this is this issuse then , Itunes is going to wipe out all the apps that you didnt buy . Now Itunes should wipe out jailbroken apps , if this is happening then you need to search the Jailbroken froums on here for more help.
    12-03-2009 12:53 PM
  3. gooner#IM's Avatar
    many thanks my friend , i did suspect it may be the case, i have viewed many boards before joining here, im not fussed about the other apps but i was worried it would delete the winterboard app and cydia , what im saying is will it just keep the origianl istore apps and remove the 3rd party stuff that has been installed after it was jailbroken, i just want a clean start but keep the jailbroken and unlocked status.

    many thanx again for your input.
    12-03-2009 01:07 PM
  4. flyingember's Avatar
    apps are tied to the itunes account.
    12-03-2009 04:46 PM