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    Does anyone know of a good iphone app for syncing my outlook notes with the iphone notes since they brought out this dog OS 9?

    Or an app that syncs with Outlook notes independent of the inbuilt iPhone notes?

    The iTunes sync doesn't do notes with Outlook anymore. I do not believe that iCloud does it since OS 9 either.

    The notes syncing with my outlook was probably about 20% of the use I had for my iphone. Their new update has removed a huge portion of my functionality. I NEED something to sync to my outlook notes... would be happy for a 3rd party app, then I would just stop using the inbuilt iphone notes. I need to sync Outlook notes with my iPhone somehow though.

    Anyone know of such an app that works with OS 9?

    Like I said, I would be happy for it to fix the sync between the inbuilt apple notes and outlook OR would be fine with outlook syncing to a whole new notes app on the iphone. Then I would just stop using the inbuilt apple notes completely and use the 3rd party notes app, so long as it syncs with Outlook notes.

    Any ideas chaps and chappettes? Before I buy a windows/android phone when I upgrade my phone next weekend (as my phone plan is out and it's time to renew, yay!).

    I have Outlook 10, Windows 7, iphone 5s running the POS OS 9 upgrade (which I would happily roll back if I could).

    Cheers all
    11-18-2015 03:13 PM
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    Can your Outlook notes sync with Microsoft's OneNote? If so, OneNote works well with the iPhone.
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    11-18-2015 08:14 PM

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