1. HarryStamper's Avatar
    Quick question, recently got an IP2, and looking at Scrabble for Ipad. I noticed there is a free one, then one for 1.99 (has no ads) and one for 9.99. Does anyone know that the 9.99 version does?
    04-21-2012 11:44 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    The free version probably has ads to support it, and then the 1.99 version takes those ads away. Both of these version are low definition iphone/ipad/ipod touch version, while the 9.99 version is the HD iPad version. Keep on the look out for sales as EA frequently runs them. I would suggest you get the free version, and then upgrade to the 9.99 version WHEN EA puts it on sale next.
    04-23-2012 10:43 AM