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    man ssh

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    Learn how to use Linux ssh terminal commands.
    See how every command works with live access to ssh. For each function there is a sample of bash script where the selected command is used.
    This is for learning the commands, and does not require a server. You will be set up to use a test site while you practice the commands.

    arch - outputs the processor architecture
    cat - outputs the contents of a file
    cd - change the working directory
    chgrp - change group ownership of files
    chmod - change access permissions of files
    chown - change file owner and group
    cksum - print CRC checksum and byte counts of each file.
    cp - copies a file
    date - outputs the current date and time
    df - reports the amount of disk space used and available on filesystems
    dir - list directory contents
    du - estimate file space usage
    echo - display a line of text.
    exit - cause the shell to exit
    find - search for files in a directory hierarchy
    free - display amount of free and used memory in the system
    groups - outputs the user groups of which your account belongs to
    hostname - outputs the machines hostname on the network
    id - outputs user id, group id, and groups of your account
    killall - kill processes by name
    last - show listing of last logged in users
    ln - make links between files
    logname - print user's login name
    ls - list directory contents
    man - open the manual page for a software or function
    md5sum - outputs the MD5 hash sum of a file
    mkdir - makes a directory
    mv - moves a file
    nl - number lines of files
    nm - list symbols from object files
    od - dump files in octal and other formats
    pidof - find the process ID of a running program
    ping - pings a host
    ps - outputs running processes
    pstree - display a tree of processes
    pwd - outputs the name of current working directory
    rm - removes a file or directory
    rmdir - removes a directory
    shutdown - bring the system down in a secure way. All logged-in users are notified that the system is going down
    size - list section sizes and total size
    stat - outputs file status
    strings - print the strings of printable characters in files
    tail - output the last part of files
    talk - talk to another user
    touch - change a file's access and modification timestamps. If file does not exist, create it
    tty - outputs the name of the current terminal
    uname - outputs operating system, hostname, kernel version, date and timp, and processor
    uptime - outputs the system uptime
    users - print the user names of users currently logged in to the current host
    vdir - list directory contents
    w - show who is logged on and what they are doing
    wall - end a message to everybody's terminal
    wc - counts lines in a file
    whatis - search the whatis database for complete words
    who - outputs who is currently logged into the system
    whereis - locate the binary, source, and manual page files for a command
    whoami - outputs your username / the name of your account
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