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    Talking Billy is a fun and interactive character for your iPhone and iPod.

    You can tickle him, poke him, hit him,feed him water,You can even record your own voice ,and he will repeat everything you say, you also can share them on Twitter, Facebook or send them to your friends and family by email.

    when you touch his corners of the mouth, he will curl his lip. when you touch his mouth, he will put out his tongue and licked the screen, when you stab his eyes, he will shout "ouch" loudly, when you touch his chin, he giggle. when double click his chin, he will cried out in a high voice. and there are 4 extra animations below, that's electric shock, punishment, happy, thirst, you can get these for more fun.

    -Record your voice
    -Repeat your voice
    -Feed him water
    -Kick him
    -Share on Twitter Facebook and Email

    LINK: Talking Billy Boy for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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