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Oct 31, 2020
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“Imma kill you ****!”, the goofy white boy cried his little peepee still rock hard despite himself, “Imma kill you you little ****** lover!”, he howled as he lunged toward the naked agent. Trixie’s training kicked in as the jumped off the bed and grabbed an empty wine bottle “THONK” the bottle came down fast to the side of the skinny racist white boys head. Trixie’s ***** got wet for the first time in hours as the cracker grabbed the side of his head then fell over with a THUD, his tiny pink cocklette pointing towards the ceiling fan .

Trixie jumped off the bed reached into her bag and grabbed her taser pointing it at the bleeding white boy, “DONT MOVE CRACKER!”, the black **** ***** yelled her finger ready to fire this pink piggie. Thomas sat up holding the left side of his head which was bleeding profusely, the blood running down his skinny body onto his still rock hard white *****. “Hoe you..what is happening I thought…”

“ZZZAP” the little blonde agent had heard enough from this inferior white “man”. The little woman squeezed the trigger and shot the tiny dicked white dude. Shutting him up for good while watching his body shake and shimmy, his tiny dicklette wriggling like a dying worm.

BOOM! The door slammed open as 5 black officers poured into the room. Stryker stood tall looking down at the still nude blonde girl who had just put away the state’s most devious white breeder.

The dazed and bloody “White Bull” came around a slurred his speech as he tried to stand on his weak spindly pale legs, “Hold up yall aint no thing it’s cool guys I didnt know she was with you nig---”, the racist white boy’s attempt at parlay is met by multiple burly black officers punches and kicks. The filthy white pig’s screams eventually stop and are replaced by painful moans as the once proud “White Bull” was on his back crying and moaning as his stiff pink weewee swayed in the air.

Trixie got off the bed and walked over to the beaten and bloody terrorist. The coldhearted blonde minx grabbed Stryker by his flax vest and open mouth kissed him in front of the wheezing white *****, the tow agent’s tongues dancing outside of their mouths as Trixie’s ***** began dripping for the first time since she left Stryker’s side. “Good job agent”, Stryker said, “you saved a lot of girls today, the Omalley’s wanted to send their thanks,” he said for the first time seeming to respect his junior agent’s abilities and dedication.

The horny blonde didnt even register Stryker’s kind words as she noticed his black **** was beginning to rise in his pants. The tiny white girl took to her knees and pulled the black studs 13 inch **** out of his pants so the “White Bull” could watch this sexy white girl throat a giant black god ****. Trixie worked her little pink mouth up and down the sexy black man’s rod as her sweet spit and his nutritious precum fell down onto the tiny white ***** of the so-called “White Bull”, who Trixie and the BNWO had reduced to a sniveling, shaking, wheezing scared little cracker *****. The white cuck’s mind broken as he said nothing and just wanked his little pink **** using superior black precum and unattainable white girl slob to lube his worthless *****.

Stryker’s thick black 13 inch monster **** was too much for the tiny agent to deepthroat so she began sucking on the big purple **** head with a passion a loud “POP!” filled the destroyed white boys ears each time her platinum haired head jerked violently off the big black member.

The blonde agent swirled her quick little tongue around the black kings glands and pee hole scooping out as much salty thick black precum as her little mouth could muster. Slowly she pulled her pink lips off the dripping end of Strykers **** and made eye contact with her black superior as she placed her pretty white face inches from the horny white boy’s mouth .

“Naw dawg naw I dont do that man Im straight I mean…”, Trixie laughed knowing the white boy couldnt resist, his own raging 6 inch **** **** gave him away. The “White Bull” shook his head in protest but his soft moans told the truth, the white sissy wanted to swallow that gift of black seed.

“Shut up and open your mouth *****,”, Stryker ordered the white boy, his hard **** still leaking thick ropes of sticky precum in anticipation of Trixie’s return.

“Yessir,” the defeated white boy whispered as he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, his deepening moans indicated he was close to spiling his rancid white boy slop.

Agent Daniels placed both her thumbs on the sides of the thrashing white boys mouth and slowly dropped the big wet warm dollop of precum based gunk into the dirty white boys gaping jowls. The experienced agent had aimed perfectly and the gooey mass landed right in the middle of the masturbating honkey’s pink tongue.

“Hold it out hoe”, Strker commanded as the white boy began to moan louder, “you gotta hold my juice in yo tongue till you ready to nut. I want you to taste me when you bust hear me pig boy?”, the black adonis ordered.

His big hand jerking furiously on his lil pinkie **** the white boy began to squirm and moan, Trixie returned to her black gods big **** and was casually flicking her pointy pink tongue up and down the black stallions magnificent organ.

“Awwwww….I think the widdle white bull’s baby **** bout to pop for gonna pop widdle boy?”, the evil blonde girl teased as she wrapped her perfect pink lips around girthy *** slinger. After a few attempts the skiny blonde had gotten 9 inches of his black monolith down her gullet when she heard Thomas cry out

“OHHHH-----GUH---GOOOOOOOD!!! IM IM IM CUMMING!”, the spasming white thing oinked as Trixie had to move fast to avoid get hit by his weak little spurt. The agent reflexively punched the criminal in his tiny pink balls, transforming any pleasure he was experiencing into intense pain.

“NO!”, the feisty white girl snapped, “you dont get to feel good anymore dog! You brought too many white lives into this world to keep that right. Now swallow this black mans precum pig!”, the agent said puling back her little fist again. A tear ran down the gaggin white boys face as he closed his mouth a swallowed the sticky salty mix.

“UNNNNH….UNNNH...UNNNNH…”, the white boy moaned as Trixie brought Stryker closer and closer to a real orgasm. Her platinum hair wet with *** and spit as she worked on his big black ****pole.

“Hope you liked that appetizer you honkey sissy cuz here comes the main course”, the thrusting black titan grunted as his ebony **** exploded into Trixie wet waiting mouth. Her beautiful blue eyes burst open at the amount this black king’s balls were pumping down her throat. After 8 thick shots the blonde had somehow managed to catch all of it, though the greedy **** did swallow some for herself.

Her pale cheeks were fully distended as the flat chested white **** bent over Thomas' face. The white boy’s pink dicklette was rock hard a 2nd time, his mind having been altered to want what was happening to him. He looked up and opened his mouth without a single word. Agent Daniels opened her mouth and let the huge, white slimy load drop into the white boys waiting mouth.

Thomas lips closed around the glob of black mans **** snot and swished the salty load in his mouth. As he swallowed he realized he had been a fool to not want this earlier as his pink 6 incher involuntarily came a second time as he moaned and muttered about black ****.

Trixie pulled her knee back and brought it crashing into the still sensitive little “bulls” pink baby nuts. The naked white boy yelped as Stryker helped Trixie to her feet. “That was for the Omalley sisters”, the wicked white girl chirped. “So much for the White Bull”, the powerful black man said as the agents exited the hotel room, leaving Thomas “The White Bull” Brahma writhing a pool of black mans *** and his own blood, holding his throbbing little ****. His tiny white mind changed and his sexuality forever altered by the power of one magnificent black ****.

6 hours later Agent Trixie Daniels’ stands before a crowd of her colleagues at the BNWO PD, her entire chain of command, the Chief and Captain Timbs sat behind her as her immediate super visor Agent Stryker sang her praises, in his own weird way, into the PA system.

“Not gonna lie when I first met this hoe I thought I was gonna have to choked her lil *** out”, the gorgeous black secret agent announced, “and I guess I kinda did”, the crowd laughed as Trixie’s flat chest flushed red with embarrassment, her ***** fluttered thinking of gagging on Strykers black manhood. “But at the end of the day this little blonde girl, this amazing black **** wore Trixie Daniels saved more girls from white **** in one day than most of us have in our careers!”, the black agent boomed as he looked down at Trixie, making her ***** even more ready and willing.

“Ladies and gentleman im proud to present Special Agent Trixie Daniels!”, Stryker yelled as Trixie’s pink lips spread into a big grin, having learned she had just received a promotion to “Special Agent”. The excited little blonde girl jumped into her bosses’ strong black arms.

Trixie stumbled through her speech as she looked out at the gathered crowd, mostly black faces with the only island of crackers being the Omalley clan. Tammi’s stylish dress was around her knees as Marco buried three long black fingers in her ****. After the speech Jon and Mz Omalley approached the agent, “We just wanted to thank you for getting our daughters back safely”

“Safely?”, the agent retorted, “they had pig babies in their bellies how is that safe?”, the agent asked, feeling that she let the black owned matriarch down.

“Relax sweetie,” Jon reassured the slender girl, “Tammi’s studs are ******* those pink things out of them as we speak. Abortion through miscarriage and once the trash is scooped out they have both sworn to be black bred at one of my wife’s famous pool parties...after all only Black Lives’ll be there yes?”, the dapper gentleman asked.

“Of course sire,” the pert blonde replied happy to know the weak pink fetuses would soon be replaced by strong black babies.

"See ya in a month whore”, Tammi yelled to Trixie as she walked Marco out to their car, leading the bulky lightskinned bull by his 9 inch black ****.

“AGENT DANIELS REPORT TO THE CHIEF’S OFFICE”, the intercom rang out. Trixie’s ***** gushed thinking about the reward her big black daddy the Chief had in mind for her. She hadnt been ****ed by a black **** in almost 5 days now and her ***** was so horny and confused not receiving it usual attention from well hung african men. The Chief’s door was open when Trixie arrived and walked into the big office. Her black daddy the Chief sat at his desk and looked down at the young Special Agent. Trixie was worried for a second but relieved once the large black man smiled a toothy grin.

“Special Agent Daniels, you like the sound of that cutie?”, her black boss asked Trixie, whose little head just nodded and smiled as she slowly moved closer to the black man, crawling over his oak desk to get to her master. As Trixie neared her black king she looked down to see his beefy black schlong was already out and hard fully erect at 12 fat black inches. The black owned **** smiled and lowered her head, her pale white but sticking up obsecenly as she placed the throbbing black cockhead into her beautiful pink mouth.

“GUUUUUUH”, the big black man groaned as the much younger white woman slurped his purple headed rod. The little blonde’s butt wriggled as she leaned over the desk to gobble at the big chiefs protruding monster ****. “Any studs not currently occupied are free to come to Special Agent Trixie Daniels’ promotion party in my office”, the big black stud hummed into the intercom as Tixie smiled around his black tool, her spit and his precum dripping down the root of his black shaft onto his bloated *** filled nutsack.

Trixie’s throat was bottoming out when she heard a dozen or more black voices and footsteps running into the Chief's office, her little ***** was dripping frothy white girl jizz down her legs as she looked up at the crowd of black men the Chief had summoned, all of them quickly removing their pants revealing hundreds and feet of black meat for this voracious Special Agent to conquer. As her Black **** Vertigo began to take hold he little white girl took her small pale white hand and gather the drool hanging from her mouth to the Chief’s big black **** and smeared the slick juice onto her upturned little ****. “Leave the door open boys”, the braindead **** growled as she blacked out from her first orgasm.
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