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    Matching games. Simple. Pairopix, not so much. The fully customizable Pairopix offers something unique and superior to the competition. We believe it is the very best in its class. Here's why:

    * 4 standard image sets to play immediately.

    * Users can create up to 20, fully editable, image sets using the iPhone's camera and/or Photo Albums.

    * In-app access to our growing collection of FREE SETS (currently at 17). With our new one tap system, you can install each of these unique game sets in less than 3 seconds. Some extra challenging, some great for kids.

    * Increased difficulty in Level 2. You have 7 seconds to reveal a pair before previously found pairs begin to "slam" shut. Those that do, slam shut randomly, making it even more challenging, especially while playing a difficult image set.

    * Top score leader boards track time & taps for individual sets. Each set plays differently, so while completing a "Creature" set in under 40 seconds might be relatively easy, finishing the "Bearing" set, or some of our more challenging new free sets, can be downright diabolical especially in level 2.

    * Tweet / email feature allows you to invite friends to challenge your cranial dominance for specific set top scores.

    * Compelling screen design, porthole reveal animation and audio feedback.

    Got a few minutes to kill? Pairopix is about focus, speed and creativity. Exercise your synapses and flip through your own photos at the same time, or load it up with our FREE image sets! Either way, make it personal.

    Pairopix - Awesomest matching game... ever. for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    For more information, slideshow & screenshots, visit our website:Pairopix, customizable memory game of matched pairs by Spinal Apps
    04-12-2010 03:30 PM