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Nov 23, 2018
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Sometimes all you need is some free online card games to take you back to your childhood.

As children, many people play card games. Sometimes they are played with friends, sometimes they are played with family and sometimes they are even played alone. There are a million card games that have been invented throughout history, and there are games suitable for virtually any number of people. Card games are one of the simplest, most innocent ways to pass the time, but as adults, we often lack the time to sit down and play cards like we used to as kids. Besides, there are so many other distractions these days. Most people sit down with Netflix or TV, or hop on social media after a hard day. Unfortunately, according to science, a lifestyle which keeps us online at all times is actually the leading cause of depression.

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If you’ve been feeling depressed, bored or lonely, free card games are probably what has been missing from your life. Check out some of the best and most popular free titles that you can play right now. Who knows, you might even be inspired to pick up a physical deck afterward and play a few rounds with friends. Whether you are looking for a simple time wasting game, a memory challenging game, or a game that’s just dripping with nostalgia like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day by the pool, there is sure to be a perfect card game for you.


Just look at those classic graphics.

Solitaire Was the Next Best Thing to Truth or Dare

Solitaire is one of the most classic and iconic card games on the planet. Although it has literally hundreds of different names or slightly tweaked variations, some version of this card game can be found just about anywhere on the planet. Some researchers have even observed penguins playing their own version of Antarctic solitaire which officially makes it the only game that exists on all seven continents.

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The wonderful thing about this online card game is that it can be played single player. Just like the classic physical card game, you won’t need to interact with the outside world to enjoy this game for hours on end. Curl up inside your warmest blanket and bask in the glow of your PC screen until the wee hours of the morning.

The best thing about this particular version of solitaire is that it is so basic. All you get is a green background and a few different card back options. It feels just like the free version that came on Windows that you used to play as a kid. It even displays the menu at the top in classic Windows style. Other, newer solitaire games may have flashier graphics, or more intricately designed card backs, but this game is the perfect choice for taking you back to when you played as a kid. Let those memories come back to you as you stack cards and uncover those Aces.


Classic character as part of a classic memory game.

Ben 10 Has Always Been Number 1 in Our Hearts

Ben 10 was easily one of the most memorable shows on television back in the good old days. Who could forget hours of Ben 10 reruns and junk food? These days most people have graduated to new shows and moved on to more adult meals, but there’s nothing wrong with a little throwback every once in a while. Grab some Gushers or Froot by the Foot and get down to business with this simple memory game.

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While most adults probably haven’t played the card game, Memory in quite a few years, that doesn’t mean their brains couldn’t still be benefiting from it. Most people’s memories are shot these days. Since the advent of the cell phone and the personal computer, people simply have less reason to remember things on their own. Whereas you used to need to remember all the important phone numbers you might need to call, now they are all conveniently stored in your phone. In the past, you may have needed to remember several important names or details on a file, but now you can pull it up on your computer in seconds. Our memories will slip away if we do not exercise them.

If you want to fight off senility for as long as possible, you might want to start playing some brain game rather than rotting in front of Netflix all day. Memory is the perfect free online game for your brain to bring you back to when you were a kid. You will absolutely adore the Ben 10 theme, and might even get inspired to start playing more brain games in the future. There's no harm in that.


Match some sets and forget about your regrets.

Sets Came Before Bets

Before worrying about bills and rent, we got to play games all day. Sadly, the simplicity of being a child can never truly be appreciated until it’s gone. With millions of free online card games at our fingertips, however, we can come close to reliving our favorite childhood memories.

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All or None, sometimes also known as Sets, is another classic card game with ties to many people’s youths. You most likely played this game with physical cards and your parents or a few friends when you were younger, but now you can play it from the comfort of your computer desk.

Make sets based on matching colors, shapes and number of objects in this classic game. While this game is heaps of fun and requires a keen eye, it is also one of the best games for training your mind. As a kid, you may not have even realized that you were playing a brain game, but you were undoubtedly getting tons of benefits from playing this game. No wonder your parents loved playing it with you. Step back in time and play a few rounds of All or None to see if you’ve still got the skills needed to win.

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Hello everyone, after a while using the android phone, new user iphone, i bought xs max. Satisfied with the phone:yes:

Excellent! Congratulations on getting your new iPhone. If you need help with it, please don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy!

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