1. Jeremy's Avatar
    Our good friends over at eBuddy have been generous enough to share 10 FREE copies of their eBuddy Pro application to give you! If you want in on the action, all you have to do is leave a single post here telling eBuddy what feature you would like to see added to their application! (Multiple responses will not count)

    Contest starts now and ends Thursday, February 4th at 12pm PT. And remember, promo codes require a US iTunes App Store account. Good luck!
    02-02-2010 09:39 AM
  2. spiderman001728's Avatar
    video chat?
    02-02-2010 09:44 AM
  3. sass.adam's Avatar
    Perhaps VId Chat or a longer log in time......
    02-02-2010 09:46 AM
  4. talkin73's Avatar
    For an IM client to be useful it would need to very efficiently work without draining my battery to zero by lunchtime Video chat would be great once it is two-way (ie; front facing camera on iPhone) but I would find it limiting and probably a bandwidth/battery hog until such time.

    I would like to be able to send short audio clips, however... especially while traveling around and don't want to spend a long time typing, to reply to an IM with an audio clip could be useful especially if integrated into the thread seemlessly... just tap the little sound icon and you hear the person instead of reading what they wrote.
    02-02-2010 09:57 AM
  5. mrtgraz's Avatar
    Looks amazing! Never heard of this APP before! Looks like something I would like to have in the near future! *fingers crossed*
    02-02-2010 09:57 AM
  6. websyndicate's Avatar
    Looks cool. Hope I win a copy
    02-02-2010 10:00 AM
  7. Dionte's Avatar
    video chat of course
    02-02-2010 10:01 AM
  8. PhOBi's Avatar
    perhaps Voip3G and video chat
    02-02-2010 10:03 AM
  9. chealy's Avatar
    Since I don't have the app, I am not sure what is missing... other than the preceding "video chat" messages.
    02-02-2010 10:04 AM
  10. ggarcia1969's Avatar
    This app looks cool right now, But video chat and VoIp would be GREAT!!
    02-02-2010 10:09 AM
  11. dvdvga's Avatar
    it need new interfase and video chat
    02-02-2010 10:13 AM
  12. nsis88's Avatar
    eBuddy pretty much covers everything one expects from an IM. I guess what remains is maximizing the battery life of the phone.

    02-02-2010 10:15 AM
  13. isidorosr20595's Avatar
    In!!! Thnx u a lot!!!
    02-02-2010 10:18 AM
  14. stickytape's Avatar
    ability to save chat logs, changeable themes, ability to rename each contact with a different nick name, etc!

    eBuddy rocks!
    02-02-2010 10:19 AM
  15. Roxmo's Avatar
    I'd like to see a twitter client.
    02-02-2010 10:21 AM
  16. Geoffd420's Avatar
    Auto- friend finder & more speed
    02-02-2010 10:23 AM
  17. RIPNHL2005's Avatar
    Single comment....I want it! :o)
    02-02-2010 10:23 AM
  18. jeddeth's Avatar
    I've had trouble with ebuddy when my connection is spotty. Some sort of buffer so that it would save what I've typed and send it when a signal is available would be helpful. Bejive is really good at that. Thanks!
    02-02-2010 10:23 AM
  19. steve74it's Avatar
    Surely I'd like skype calls over 3G.
    02-02-2010 10:23 AM
  20. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    Very cool...

    Video would be cool.
    02-02-2010 10:24 AM
  21. iFizzgig's Avatar
    I'd like to see Lotus Sametime integration.
    02-02-2010 10:24 AM
  22. Fafafoooey's Avatar
    I would like to see Sametime as well. Although Sametime sucks, it is still useful since the enterprise uses it.
    02-02-2010 10:26 AM
  23. jstdoitt21's Avatar
    would love to win and try the app out!!
    02-02-2010 10:28 AM
  24. Aultra's Avatar
    The feature I didn't see listed, and am not even sure if it is possible outside of MSN, is support for the multi-location login.
    02-02-2010 10:32 AM
  25. kicko#IM's Avatar
    email notifications.
    02-02-2010 10:32 AM
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