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Mar 28, 2017
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Guess who’s back? Back again… Ringke’s back; tell a friend! That’s right boys and girls, Ringke has created a fancy new series of cases– it’s the Flex S Pro series. Ringke has been around for quite a while, and many of you are probably not strangers to their cases. However, if you aren’t familiar with them, I’ll go ahead and give you a quick rundown of their products; they’re inexpensive, well-made, and they offer a variety of different styles to cater to just about anyone’s taste. Building off of their stellar reputation of quality products, the new Flex S Pro falls in line with the rest of Ringke’s offerings and darts out in a new and creative way, keeping your iPhone X looking sleek, as well as secure.


The Look: The look of the Flex S Pro is slightly unconventional looking, with its wavy and ridge-like design on the back; however, it works. At first it looks a little off-putting, but as soon as you get this baby on your phone you’ll see how natural it feels – It’s ergonomic and stuffs. The contouring is made out of a solid plastic material that has just enough grip to keep the case from sliding out of your hands, but it won’t get stuck in your pocket. I have found many times that cases that use a hard plastic or textured back have a tendency to be a little more slippery than their more rubbery counterparts, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Flex Pro S. To further compliment the aesthetics of your phone, the Flex Pro S comes in three different glossy and reflective colors: Titanium Black, Rose Pink, and Ice Silver. However, I do have to give a minor ding here on the reflective surface. As much as I like it, it picks up finger oils and prints like the dickens. You will definitely need to wipe it off occasionally to keep it looking clean, shiny, and shimmery. Other than that I really like the way it looks. It’s classy, yet eye-catching as well!


The Feel: As I briefly mentioned above, the case does have a non-traditional look and feel to it. Ringke likes to refer to the style as ergonomic, which I can agree with. I have a bad taste in my mouth with the word “ergonomic”, because of the crazy computer keyboards of the early 2000s – you know, the ones with the divided, wavy keyboard. I can’t say that I really cared for it in keyboards, but somehow it just works with the iPhone. The ridges and contours help with grip, and it seems like your fingers fall effortlessly into the right place without even having to try. After using the case for a couple of hours it didn’t even consciously register with me that the back of the phone was contoured. So… +2 points to awesome on this one, Ringke. Finally, the texture of the phone is excellent. It isn’t too soft, and it isn’t too slippery. The balance between the natural texture of your hands and the back of the phone works really well to keep it in place without feeling overly grippy. It’s really just an all around great case!


Security: The security on this case isn’t max protection like some other offerings, but it is max ample! Yes, I just made a new term, “max ample.” What does this mean? It means that it does a great job keeping your phone protected without being overly bulky, or dense. The case itself is rather light and the hard plastic exterior keeps your phone protected from most anything you can think of that you might encounter in your day-to-day life. Topping it all off, it's even MIL-SPEC rated, which will go a long way to keep your phone safe if you accidentally drop it from 3-5ft. I wouldn’t go practice drop testing your phone to find the sweet spot between safety and terminal velocity, but I feel like it offers plenty of safety, especially considering the thin profile and the price. According to Ringke, the phone case is specially layered to provide an added cushion to the device and protect it slip, drops, falls; which I can believe.


Conclusion: The Flex Pro S is a definite winner, especially at the everyday low price of $12.99. The Ringke website has a direct link to the Amazon website, which actually has a lower price listed than Ringke, and has a few more color offerings – Brown, Red, and Deep Blue. All in all, the case is a great value and it offers really good protection. As I said, it’s a bit of a fingerprint magnet (especially the Black one), but the slim profile, ample protection and the price point make this a solid “buy” in my book. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

- The sleekness and style win bonus points for creativity
- The contours on the back of the case are new and refreshing
- The case material provides ample protection, yet remains slim and doesn’t disrupt the phone profile
- It’s well priced, and a great value

- It picks up quite a few fingerprints
- The side walls seem a little thin and “may” get loose overtime (a long term consideration)
- It seems slightly less protective on the bottom due to the cutouts and thin material
- Not cushioned on the inside, but it’s not a deal breaker because of the hard plastic.

If you’re interested in picking up one of the fancy new Flex Pro S cases for your beloved iPhone X, you can find them over at Ringke’s website: https://www.ringkestore.com/products/apple-iphone-x-ringke-flex-s-pro?variant=1416314421275- they are currently priced at $12.99, and because of the Amazon site link, you can use your free Prime shipping. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down in the comment section.


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