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Aug 22, 2015
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Works on iPhone, iPad and possibly iPod(iPod is untested)

What is Google DeepDream?
Hey everyone, so now to the good stuff. We created our first app to bring the Google DeepDream technology to the public. Google developed DeepDream to study Artificial Neural Networks and have spurred remarkable recent progress in image classification. You can think of the process similar to have the brain and visual recognition, when the brain and eyes see something, they quickly try and match patterns in memory to identify what they are seeing. Deepdream visualizes that process, except instead of using a brain and its memory, it uses a large data set of classified images(over a million tagged images) to identify what it sees. It prints the results of the computer's process of classifying images. Google released a few demo images and the internet went crazy. Because of that response, Google's engineers released a Python Notebook containing the DeepDream code so anyone could setup there own Neural Network and run the code. The code is licensed under the Open Source Apache 2.0 license, and we provide proper attribution inside our application(unlike some other apps).

Why We Developed Dreamception
The issue was that it was a fairly complex process to setup a environment to run DeepDream and even running the code still required the Command Line Interface. Many frameworks and Scientific Libraries were required that were too complex for most users. We seen the potential for a great app and that was the start of Dreamception. We had never developed an app before but we were confident we could get it done. We always wanted it to be 100% Free, but since we had to purchase a AWS cluster of supercomputers using high-end GPU's to process the images since the iphone could not, there was a large cost associated with running the service. We decided to settle somewhere in between. We decided we had to put a credit system in place only for the free version, and when you upgrade you unlocked unlimited use and more filters.

Description, Features, Issues & The Future
Dreamception is completely free to download and use. It is also completely AD-FREE. It comes with 10 Filters, and 6 "Dreamception's" Credits each day(We released a patch bringing it up to 10 daily, but its not approved). If you run out of credits, No problem, Just share the images to Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Each share will give you an additional credit. Each day your credits are regenerated. Due to a bug, you must have at least 1 credit remaining to share or it will ask you to upgrade when u click share , We patched it but it's still pending review. Something we did different than some of the other deepdream apps is we focused on the artistic side of it. We included the psychedelic filters as well for fun :rolleyes:.

Dreamception also has a in-app purchase to upgrade to our premium offering for a one time .99 cent charge. The Premium version has 30 filters, No watermarks and completely unlimited use. There are no credits and you can use it as much as you want! We always wanted to bring the Google DeepDream framework to the public for free but this helps support us and keep the app updated and fresh. Its completely optional but we would love to have your support =)

We really would love to see everyone try the DeepDream framework, as it produces truly spectacular art. Whether you use our app Dreamception, or one of our competitors, its amazing to have this technology in your hands and brings your pictures to life. Sometimes, it adds weird asian style buildings, dogs, turtles and monkeys to an image depending on the filter you choose. This is due to the image set that was used containing larger proportions of these images.

In the future, We plan to add a bunch of cool features. Some of the things we have brewing in the lab right now are Vine like images/videos, animated gifs, full length videos, granular control of variables, guided deepdreams allowing the user to guide the effect to a said image to another image and oAuth for better control of past images/gallerys.

Tell us what you think!! We would love your feedback, good or bad and remember this is our first attempt at an app. I am a brand new iOS developer so bare with me :D. I will also attach some images and promotional info below.


Works on iPhone, iPad and possibly iPod(iPod is untested)




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Thank you for introducing your app, Dreamception to the iMore community.

We enjoy the new apps posted by developers, and I am sure many of our users will give it a try

Since you are here at iMore, take some time to get familiar with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines

Again thanks for posting your app on iMore.

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